As the owner of financial copyrights for my late husband Stanisław Dróżdż’s works and the person executing his personal copyrights, I feel obligated to inform those interested in buying his works that on the artwork market they may encounter objects that can not be considered authentic works of Stanisław Dróżdż.

The works of Stanisław Dróżdż are conceptual art, the concept is what makes the work authentic. They can be produced and implemented in various objects (like type script, boards, characters painted or glued directly to the wall). Stanisław was always very particular and precise about the way he designed his exhibitions, adjusting the implementation and presentation of the works to specific spaces – when needed, they could look different in various spaces. The boards or other objects that were left over as parts of previous exhibitions in various galleries can only be considered authentic works of Stanisław Dróżdż in the following cases.

The authenticity of a work by Stanisław Dróżdż has to be confirmed either by a signature of the artist or by an accompanying donation or sale contract. It can also be authenticated by a certificate of authenticity issued by me.

Anna Dróżdż