– Honors in the Third Poetic Tournament for Laurel of 'Pałacyk’, Wrocław

– Prize of the Social and Cultural Monthly ‘Odra’ in the One Poem Tournament at the 3rd Kłodzko Poetic Spring, Kłodzko

– Main Prize: Cristal Lion, founded by the Cultural Department of County National Council in Kłodzko and the Prize of Monthly ‘Odra’ in the One Poem Tournament at the 4th Kłodzko Poetic Spring, Kłodzko

– Prize of ZO FWP in Polanica and the Prize of Chinese Mask founded by Sławomir Cieślikowski awarded for the best metaphors in the One Poem Contest on Parody and Literary Paraphrase at 7th Kłodzko Poetic Spring, Polanica Zdrój

– Prize of Young Writers’ Association in Wrocław for his artistic and social activity 1977–79, Wrocław (15th anniversary of founding the Young Writers’ Association)

– Prize London Academic and Cultural Resources Found for his complete oeuvre

– Prize of the Nowosielscy’s Foundation for his complete oeuvre

– Prize of the President of Wrocław for his complete oeuvre

– Special Prize of the Year 2009 awarded by the Management Board of the Wroclaw Branch of Polish Visual Artists’ Association for the exhibition Beginend. Concept-Shapes. Concrete Poetry. Works from the years 1967-2007 (awarded after the author’s death)