Alea iacta est, 2003

50. Biennale in Venice (slogan: dream – conflict), Polish Pavilion, fragment of the project
curator Paweł Sosnowski
technical design by Iwar Romanek
phot. by Andrzej Świetlik

game is a dream of winning
game is an archetypical from form of conflict
game is the simplest symbol of the relation dream- conflict

Formula: „dream, conflict” is widely known, in its elements from everyday experience. Each day we sleep, dream (consciously and unconsciously) and we go into minor or major conflicts (from argues between people to fights with ourselves). Game becomes its common base by incorporating these situations into one piece of art.

These two definitions can be understood literally or metaphorically and in case they overlap we can divagate with them in field of art.

The dice, a game invented by the Homeric wise man Palamedes assumes that the participants will play with someone about something likewise in the film ‘The Seventh Seal’ by Bergman the knight plays with death. By using his invention I assume a possibility to play with oneself for ‘nothing’.

Stanisław Dróżdż

Text about Alea iacta est:

Alea iacta est, Elżbieta Łubowicz, Stanisław Dróżdż: Love to the Word, Love to the Things